Domain Investing September 2017

Greek.Restaurant, and other domain names

It’s been a quiet few months on the domain investing front for us at Mother.Domains. The other Directors provided me a stern warning to cut down on domain name expenditure for the time being, and turn our focusing to looking at selling the domains already in our vault.

Here’s an update on recent, featured domain acquisitions, in our roundup of domain investing September 2017.

  • – A brilliant premium domain registered by a client, for less than $1K. Well done!
  • and – Two short .IN domains, around which we are building our R5K Start Up package, to help savvy Indian entrepreneurs bring their digital venture and blogging aspirations online.
  • – MC Vandal is bringing blockchain to the hip hop world… and hip hop to the blockchain. His white paper is due end of November, with some excellent new innovations in the arts/blockchain space ahead
  • and – Continuing our blockchain themed domains, these were set up for the upcoming DAO – Decentralised Autonomous Organisation – network that will rapidly build no-middleman services that solve key social and productivity issues.

Hopefully we’ll have some more exciting domain purchases to share with you again soon.

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