Domain Investing February 2017

Domain Investing February 2017

Another month into 2017, and here is the Mother.Domains domain investing February 2017 roundup.

We’ve toned down the registrations a little from January 2017’s domain investing edition, but we still have some exciting domain registrations to pass along.

  • – “Cards” are the new Pages of the web: container-friendly, automatically responsive panels of dynamic information that can be infinitely displayed on any device. Mother.Domains is looking at our own landing page builder, but it looks like the web industry is trending towards Cards over pages overall – so we’re here to capitalise on the whole Cards revolution, and soon announce our new product: Lead Cards. This was, obviously, the perfect domain – that also asks the question, if you have the exact domain, do you really need to trademark an idea? (Trademark pending)
  • – landing dot pages dot cards – oh my! Think Wizard of Oz marketing.
  • and – I am liking this recently discovered cards theme. There is a premium .cards domain I want for another project, but we don’t yet have the surplus funds.
  • and – Continuing on building our collection of premium .in Indian domain names for the ever-emerging, supercharged Indian domain market. Paneer is my favourite Indian food, and Indians are very proud of their own paneer recipes and restaurants. This will be a hit at DomainX later this year. Think as these as examples where you can set up a concept and put all the tools in place – a WordPress directory or reviews, for instance, and offer as a complete, ready-to-go package to offload to somebody interested in the more developed concept.
  • – Can’t believe this was still available, as it wasn’t when I last checked.
  • and – To complement the more wider used (we also have, this is the actual name of the longtime film project that begins touring the world in 2018 – the Year of the Dog.
  •,,,, – Some for my film, some for general value like the excellent could be a legit beer that dogs drink! – delivery service manned (or dogged?) by dogs. is to be an anti-dog propaganda news site for The Dogs Live On – Dog Swine! But the wine they also make and sell is so damned delicious.

Around the world in domain name investing

We are actively engaged on, looking for .com bargains, and had been keeping tabs on, but the prices are a tad steep at the moment.

We’re also proud to announce the biggest sale thus far in the short history of Mother.Domains – the $1700 sale of the premium domain, – part of the forthcoming international safe party network from Under Pty Ltd. We’re involved with this exciting new venture – stay tuned for details.

More domain and venture news to share with you soon, including the several Brainstorm grants we’re offering to a few select clients in their different niche industries. More details in the coming weeks.

Enjoy your February.