Domain Investing January 2017

Moon Domains

As this exciting and greatly promising 2017 begins, we’ve started to bolster our domain vault, as part of Mother.Domains‘ long term domain investing strategy.

Some of the domains we’ve registered so far over the past few weeks – in late December 2016, through January 2017 (and a brief explanation after):

  • – In Spring 2019, California holds a referendum about seceding from the United States of America and become its own country. Whatever your initial views are on this, it’s four decades in the making, and will certainly earn a lot of attention. This should be a valuable, popular domain for the campaign.
  • – This is a domain specifically for a yet-unreleased musical song, to be released later this year. At Mother.Domains are looking at revolutionising and disrupting the traditional music promotion space, with nearly 20 years in music marketing and event production – we’re looking at how the domain space and landing pages can better promote the art within groundbreaking music.
  • – The Indian domain name market is the fastest growing in the world, and only a small percentage of Indians are yet online. With a population soon set to exceed China’s, and many valuable .in keyword domains still available, the chance for some behemoth sales in this huge, young, tech-savvy country is very real. My annual visits to DomainX in India support this theory.
  • – See above. We actually own quite a few “” domains – such as,,, etc. was intended as a main “wrapper” that ties a potential package of domains together.
  •,, – Three Moon-related domains. Moon holidays could be a serious enterprise in the coming decades, I liked the short .net version that looks like Moon but with numbers, and I’m working on a film that features the Moon.
  • and – I have a vague idea of a stock-type marketplace for digital marketing services and products. It’s also rare to find an available domain with “digital marketing” in it.
  • – The other day I had the idea to look up certain future technologies, such as how mobile standards are now up to 5G, with 6G coming. I looked up 6G, 7G and versions – all were taken – but, somehow, was available. This might not result in much for another decade or more, but by then it will be an aged, rare keyword .com.

And a very special .com we cannot pass along yet – as this is our top secret new product! We will be rolling out a beta in May, and officially launching at a live event in Melbourne, in early June 2017.

Additionally, we won two domain name auctions on, including for $20, and the fairly innocuous for $2 – a rare three digit .org.

One of our Melbourne clients has recently renewed her excellent,

2017 Rolling Along

I’m heading to New Zealand for a couple of weeks, before the annually manic February and March periods of my year, but upon my return we’re going to rapidly make a few big things happen.

These include domain sales pages and our directory of premium domains for sale, our Beta programme for a new age in domain name idea conception, development, marketing and management, and even our very own software. Stay tuned!

It’s a super time at Mother.Domains – thanks for your support.