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100 Dollar Startup

Heard of the one hundred dollar startup? Mother.Domains proudly presents one of its flagship products – The $100 Start Up.

Inspired by Chris Guillebeau’s book, The $100 Start Up, we believe that any new venture or project idea need not spend a fortune on coming online.

Most of all, you can build a business around what you want to do, and where you want to be, in life.

In his hallmark book, Guillebeau examines numerous success stories that built businesses worth over $50K – many run by digital nomads – from initial outlays of around $100.


Seven Key Lessons from “The $100 Startup”

One Hundred Dollar StartupChris Guillebeau is a best-selling author, most recently with his latest book, “Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days“. He is featured in the world’s top media, and appears at conferences across the planet.

Here are the main takeaways from his book:

Follow some passions (but not all). “Can you do everything you love and make it into a business? Probably not—I’ve yet to find someone to pay me for surfing the Internet all day and eating pizza at night.”

If you’re good at one thing, you’re probably good at something else. Your skills likely translate across numerous mediums and industries.

Divide your time between work and talk. Yes, you should work hard on creating products and services—but you also shouldn’t hesitate to get the word out.

Bootstrap and fast-track … always. Failure is overrated. Try and try again.

Invest in winners. The time to invest in your business is after you’ve seen the initial success.

Focus on organic growth over traditional advertising. Almost none of the success stories in the three-year study grew their business through traditional advertising. Instead, they focused on making a great product or service and then growing the business through word of mouth.

Choose lifestyle. It’s your life! You make the rules! As a business grows, the founder can find herself spending more and more time doing things she didn’t plan on. Not every business has to scale. Some people deliberately choose to operate as a lifestyle business, earning a good living and serving clients well, but without trying to create a huge company.

How can your venture work for your lifestyle?


The $100 Start Up from Mother.Domains

Over the past few months we’ve read, and re-read, the book, and put together what we believe is the ultimate starter package for the location independent entrepreneur.

Most of all, we are adamant about lifestyle dictating the business itself.

We believe The $100 Start Up is everything you need to get started. Generate interest, leads and prospects to your ideas today.

Get the $100 Start Up

This weekend only

Here’s what you get with The $100 Start Up:

  • A customised landing page with your logo, colours, and links to your social media ($195 value)
  • 1 year of 5GB WordPress web hosting – Including a free SSL certificate ($198 value)
  • Your choice of 11+ international server destinations, closest to your ideal audience
  • One of over 144 domain extensions, including .com, and the all-new .agency, .consulting, .club (up to $35 value)
  • Unlimited email forwarders for you to send and receive professional emails using gmail, etc
  • Bonus: 50% off custom website design and development ($1000 value)
  • Bonus: One-on-one web chat about your idea ($990 value)

All of this for just one hundred bucks.

For a limited time only, early adopters of the $100 Start Up receive a personal one on one consulting session, with a human, personal set up. This is valued at $1000!

This offer with these exclusive bonuses expires on Monday.

Get the $100 Start Up


Custom Landing Page

A landing page is a dynamic digital business card that you can begin to share today. Send early visitors to your domain and they’ll find your logo, colours, and an action – such as a Subscribe button. Include social media links and contact details.

Many ventures and enterprises need only a landing page to get rolling and start attracting interest in their ideas.


144+ Domain Name Extensions

Domain extensions for the $100 Start Up include:

.art .band .dance .earth .pet .gallery .graphics .moda .party .photography .photos .pics .productions .rocks .tattoo .agency .business .company .equipment .management .pro .promo .solutions .supplies .supply .work .capetown .city .cologne .durban .joburg .miami .nagoya .nyc .okinawa .taipei .tk .tokyo .yokohama .biz .com .gdn .info .mobi .net .org .tel .xyz .blue .pink .red .education .schule .coffee .pub .asia .uk .cn .co .it .in .fr .de .me .pl .ru .so .no .nl .eu .be .at .directory .exposed .help .report .reviews .tips .wiki .casa .cheap .gift .gratis .qpon .best .bet .center .club .kim .lol .moe .ninja .one .rip .soy .space .today .top .diet .football .futbol .games .juegos .run .soccer .surf .click .email .network .onl .support .technology .website .international .sexy

Check all our 420+ domain name extensions here…

(Note that certain domains designated by their Registry as “Premium” carry a higher price we have no control over. In these instances we will offer the lowest possible price available, or work with you to find something more affordable.)

If you already have a domain you want to use, transfer it over and host it for free.


Fastest web hosting

So fast it will blow you away. Simplified yet supercharged PHP/MySQL hosting. PHP7+, NGINX. Secure FTP access. Instant WordPress install. Free SSL certificate on every domain.

Friendly, cool 24/7 international support from our dedicated team.

VPS Web Hosting


11+ International Destinations

Select your region: Sydney, Singapore, Bangalore, Tokyo, Toronto, San Francisco, New York, Miami, London, Frankfurt or Amsterdam. More available upon request!

Mother.Domains Worldwide Destinations


Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not landing connections and leads within 30 days, we’ll pay you $100.

100% Money Back Guarantee


Grab your $100 Start Up and get started.. today

This offer expires on Monday, and then the exclusive bonuses will be gone forever.

Get in while it lasts. It’s time to Start Up!

Get the $100 Start Up

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100 Dollar Startup