Domain Investing October 2017

South Korea Coffee

Welcome to our report on domain investing October 2017.

We find inspiration starts to build as the end of the year beckons, perhaps with people ready to look for new projects or ventures in their life, or maybe from the lessons and learnings from the year as a whole.

Take a look at our featured domain registrations from September 2017…

Here are some of the quality domains we’ve registered in the past month:

  • – Coffee and cafes in Korea are an absolute craze, that you might not understand until you visit this fine, beautiful country. With the domain available, we envisioned a quick and easy starters guide to coffee in Korea, with its ceiling being a more useful resource to visitors. The domain was on sale, and it was worth a gamble to see how we could grow this domain over the coming twelve months – additional traffic for Mother.Domains, was one possible benefit.
  • – This was a renewal that was a little more expensive, but a quality domain and venture idea we strongly believe in. The idea is a travel agency service specialising in music festival and concert tours around the world. We’ll try taking the site to the next level in the coming months, and try offloading it to interested parties over the year.
  • – We had 5 melbourne dot domains to consider renewing and developing, and this was one of the two. Not only is “Melbourne Kitchen” a name of numerous worldwide restaurants, we have clients in the kitchen remodeling space in Melbourne, and know the demand for quality kitchens in the city.
  • – Melbourne is a rich city, with many computers and computer shops, and there are over 112,000,000 searches for “melbourne computer”. This will be a simple hold for a company or service provider who wants the ultimate domain for computers in Melbourne.

We have a long list of domains expiring on October 31st that we’ll be contemplating renewals and developments in the meantime. Check back next month for the ones we decide on.

Capital gains tax in Australia means we can’t flip domains until we’ve owned them at least a year, so our strategy is register great ideas, sit on them for a year, and commit to the domain and venture ideas that stick.

Until next time… enjoy your month ahead.