Brainstorming Domains: 3DShoe.Shop

3D Shoe Shop
3D Shoe Shop

During a recent meeting with a client about a new project project, I shared our Brainstorm Machine concept with him, on how a solid, specific domain could shape a viable business, particularly in the future tech world.

In my whimsical example, I noted the great, world-changing possibilities of the upcoming 3D printing revolution, and threw out the idea for an optimal related domain:

Immediately, I knew this could be an incredibly valuable domain and venture!

Upon returning home, I searched for,,,, and so forth.

In the end, only two were still available: and

In fact, the idea is already online and underway at the excellent domain, (the singular version redirects to this domain).

In that split second of a seemingly imaginary brand, I came up with a potentially highly lucrative domain and business idea, that surely somebody out there would love to take and run with.

What is the prospective value – thousands? Tens of? Hundreds of?

We’ll find out.

In the meantime, we can set up a simple informational and affiliate site, that still nets a small amount of income as traffic increases.

This further suggests how the upcoming Brainstorm Machine could be revolutionary – it will help quickly build and push out ideas, while there is momentum and passion behind them, however long that lasts for. Get the idea online and out there.

Stay tuned for any and all developments related to our – this is how domains can change the world, and your own life.

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