Brainstorming Domains: BR.AINSTORM.COM


BR.AINSTORM.COM is what is sometimes referred to as a “domain hack”.

This is when characters in all three components of the domain name are moved around to create a word or phrase, with a different dot placement.

For instance, there was no way would be available, either by availability or for any reasonable price, and in this case, as is so often the case, this domain is frustratingly misused on something quite uninspiring – a low cost internet provider’s sales website.

For a few months I’ve thought about ideal domains for our Brainstorm Machine ceoncept, and after not finding many suitable options, I looked into domain hacks.

I really wanted “” – also taken. If I was going to hack the domain, it would need to balance the two letter TLD – “.it” – with two letters before the name. So, it would have to translate to – meaning was the domain I needed.

It was available!

I checked the .com variation, and, surprisingly, was also available.

At first I didn’t quite like the look of as much as, but I registered both anyway.

The .it domain is a little trickier to register, as you need a qualified Italian / European Union address. I used a willing Italian friend’s address to help register it, but there have been some odd technical name server glitches with it.

The more I’ve developed the first version of the info site, the more is growing on me.

We will still save the .it version for the original marketing campaign: “Have an idea? BR.AINSTORM.IT!”

The machine essentially helps build ideas on the dot com platform, even if they use one of the other 1000 or so TLDs.

What is the Brainstorm Machine?

BR.AINSTORM.COM is the home of our Brainstorm Machine.

You’ll be able to select what you’re trying to do, and enter some name ideas. The machine will suggest name variations, and display possible domain names.

You can map out the scope of your entire project, and even preview a design concept before you decide to proceed.

Happy with it? Press the magic button and everything will be set up for you, ready to go.

It’s pretty cool. It’s also a concept in development, as a work in progress.

If you want more info on our Brainstorm Machine and keep tabs on updates – even help us build it – check us at

Otherwise, check back to soon.

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