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Subconscious thought came together for me registering and

Constant reminders of value of short dot coms, with ever-rare four digit dot coms beginning to surge in aftermarket value, and the consideration of numerology for Chinese domain investors, lead me to these names.

I made a 2 year commitment to track analytics, and gauge first hand the impact of several trends I’ve read about; Are 4 character dot coms really that valuable? Will they be?

But what of Mother.Domains’ sentiments towards only reserving names that could serve a useful purpose online?

We’re not big fans of parking pages that don’t offer even a minimal resource related to the name, and believe a lot of brilliant domains are wasted accordingly. is a derivative of “two factor authentication”.

Earlier this evening, I forecast how we could integrate our own two factor authentication into our logins processes and custom applications.

I was hoping to find an abbreviated versions of domains along the lines of “”.

After I found five-digit dot coms such as, I wanted to see if any four character dot coms – – could still be snapped up. and were two of a few four character combinations available, and I chose the 8 for reasons of Chinese numerology symbolising good luck.

Let’s see how it goes? In two years this could be a most interesting article and study. Stay tuned.

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