2fcr 8fcr
Domain Investing

Domain Investing: 2fcr.com, 8fcr.com

January 5, 2016 motherblog 0

Subconscious thought came together for me registering 2fcr.com and 8fcr.com. Constant reminders of value of short dot coms, with ever-rare four digit dot coms beginning to surge in aftermarket value, and the consideration of numerology […]

The founding of AFRIKA.SPACE
Brain Training

Brainstorming Domains: AFRIKA.SPACE

February 24, 2015 motherblog 0

Shortly after reading that ICANN seeks improved domain and website access across Africa – largely due to high start up costs associated with government intermediaries – the vision for afrika.space was born. The article cited […]

securessl.cheap is coming
Ideas for Domain Names and Ventures

Why securessl.cheap for our SSL shop?

February 22, 2015 motherblog 0

After a beautiful White Night weekend in Melbourne, I turned my attention to the eight weeks remaining before my next world travels, with mother.domains perhaps five or six weeks away from our soft launch. There […]