28 Days To Go! Mother.Domains acquires Linknet customers

We are now within 4 weeks of officially launching Mother.Domains.

There has been an incredible amount of work, time and effort put in so far, and the hardest work is ahead – preparing all the technical systems and support channels, design and content of websites, and sculpting the preliminary marketing campaigns.

It’s going to continue to be a learning experience for us all.

This past weekend we migrated around 150 hosting customers from a now-defunct company in Mullumbimbi NSW called Linknet. They were a local National Broadband Network (NBN) supplier and also provided web hosting and domain registrations to local businesses and residents.

Unfortunately, the ongoing controversial mess which is the NBN unravelled for Linknet, and they had to cut off access, while leaving their hosting clients stranded – and that’s where Mother.Domains stepped in.

Just before Christmas 2015 we made a deal to acquire their hosting customers, and we had a little over a month to prepare before their server expired on January 31st.

The move had its typical nightmares, but, with much help from several server admins around the world, we were able to successfully migrate the accounts across with only a few minor issues – some SSL needed to be reinstalled, a few accessibility problems, and one site was even hacked by Bangladeshi hackers!

The most important teachings from this exercise were the provided examples of the levels of service and support we’ll have to offer customers as we move forward. It was most useful to have to work with our admins and help pinpoint issues while using our new software, as rapidly and efficiently as possible. Having some customers thrilled with how we communicated and handled issues was a real confidence boost.

Green-powered dedicated server hosted in Australia

Our new dedicated server is hosted in Sydney, is green-powered through an accredited carbon neutral programme, and we back up daily. It is a slick, high performance machine, and with our commitment to 24/7 technical support and a more accessible level of support through numerous channels, we believe the Linknet customers should appreciate it.

Remaining in these huge four weeks is a lot of work customising the WHMCS platform, finalising our first version of our website design and content, and preparing all the digital and street marketing we envision.

We officially launch at a Mother.Dinner on Monday February 29th, ahead of 5 slamming weeks of hype and marketing, by the end of which most of connected Australia should be aware of Mother.Domains.

More to come – it is indeed an exciting time at Mother.Domains.

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