Hyperloop Domains

Hyperloop domains

If you haven’t yet heard of Hyperloop, it’s time to learn – it’s the next-generation, futuristic transportation system that can rocket passengers in comfortable pods between Melbourne and Sydney, or San Francisco and Los Angeles, in less than an hour.

More than a pipe dream, plans for Hyperloop are well underway.

The underlying technology was set out in a white paper by Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, and is now hotly contested by a multitude of technical universities and enthusiasts all over the world.

It’s not a matter of if, but when.

Hyperloop is becoming so huge, that is only a question of time as to when this spawns its own sub-industries and niches, the way airlines, catering, accessories, uniforms, airports and so forth, came about from humans’ foray into flight.

Obviously, there will be websites and domain names, so we started looking at some of the potentially hugely valuable Hyperloop-related domain names that would be worth securing.

We registered five available premium Hyperloop domains, each with a general idea of how a potential website could be developed:

hyperloop.network – Potentially the overall worldwide Hyperloop network map, information and online ticketing.

hyperloop.blog – Charging all technical and marketing developments and milestones related to the Hyperloop.

hyperloop.melbourne & hyperloop.sydney – One for each of the first two target cities often speculated as managing the first Hyperloop “flights”.

hyperloop.how – Information on how the hyperloop works, and what it is. Nearly 2.5m Google searches on this widely asked question.

One or more of these should become high traffic hits, and, believers in future technology and transportation, we may even develop our own associated Hyperloop-related enterprises in the future.

Check back for more information, and look into the Hyperloop when you have a chance. It’s legit.


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