The Future of Office Spaces

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The Future of Office Spaces
The Future of Office Spaces

What is the future of working remotely and will we still need physical office spaces?

A few decades ago, the term “working remotely” would’ve conjured images of lonely lighthouse keepers or arduous months spent on offshore oil rigs. Now when we talk about remote work, we’re referring to the growing phenomenon of workers who perform their roles from home while communicating with their employers via phone, online chat or email.

As suburbs creep farther from cities and commuter traffic crawls along clogged motorways, remote work has been heralded as the solution to improving employee morale and productivity while reducing operational overheads.

However, it seems not everyone is convinced it’s a good idea to let large segments of their workforce stay at home in their pyjamas every day.

Digital communication tools have made it easier than ever to connect with colleagues anywhere in the world, however, it seems technology has a long way to go before it can usurp physical spaces and human interaction as proven tools for improving productivity and morale.

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