Why securessl.cheap for our SSL shop?

securessl.cheap is coming
We registered securessl.cheap for a few reasons - keywords and clarity

After a beautiful White Night weekend in Melbourne, I turned my attention to the eight weeks remaining before my next world travels, with mother.domains perhaps five or six weeks away from our soft launch. There is an incredible amount of important work to finish in a short period of time.

I witnessed an epic sunrise, later saw the sun set, and – inspired – drafted an action plan.

Something on the list for a while was to reserve securessl.cheap as a domain name. Having a few high value domain ideas recently slip away from waiting too long, I did not want a repeat of that gut wrenching feeling.

The name was a strong one for our purposes of marketing SSL to a wider world audience. I ran keyword analysis and observed that “cheap ssl”, “cheap ssl certificate”, and so forth, were rapidly trending up. I wanted to convey a sense of security and comfort in the name, while highlighting our low prices.

I thought about it for weeks, and the name grew on me.

securessl.cheap was born.

The value of this domain is in the simplicity of the message, high trending keywords, and a secure sense. We will do everything we can to have the site reflect the name and the content appropriately purport it.

This is mother.domains’ white label SSL reseller – it’s essentially a standalone SSL shop. We will separately offer SSL certificates through the mother.domains back end, perhaps at slightly raised prices per certificate that could include installation.

With around six weeks left before mother.domains starts introducing ourselves to the world, things are going to start happening quickly.

If you want a .cheap domain, we tried to make our price look, feel and be cheap: $29.99. None of our other prices use cents at all – we prefer round numbers. If the .cheap register’s price goes down, so will yours.

We’ll be learning and sharing a lot more about SSL in the near future, including how we build up securessl.cheap. Stay tuned.

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