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Page Builder Software
Page Builder Software

Today we secured the domain,, for Mother.Domains’ various page builder software ambitions.

As we look ahead to our offerings and campaigns in 2016, one of the core products we’re developing is a slick, simple landing page and web page building CMS.

One of our initial features will be the ability to build a simple, custom landing page, right after purchasing any domain. This allows new ideas and domains to go online instantly, and start attracting visitors, subscribers and leads.

The basic landing page builder is around the corner, but the ensuing step will be to build more complex landing pages, with numerous responsive components.

This will be followed by a wider web page builder, that includes ecommerce tools to manage catalogues and sell products, and separate content into sections and pages.

After running some keyword tests, we’re once again planning to utilise the added flexibility and power of subdomains to craft the ideal domains for each of our forthcoming products: – Landing page hyping up our landing page builder software – For our eventual web page builder software


We’re not going to charge the moon either – I imagine each of these packages will be freely available within the context of our $5 and $15 a month secure hosting offerings.

More to come… but today, we secured as a shape of things to come.

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