DomainX 2017 returns to New Delhi, India

DomainX New Delhi India 2017

Updated! Check out the Mother.Domains review of DomainX 2017, in New Delhi, India.

India’s largest domain name conference, DomainX, returns to the nation’s capital August 5-6 2017.

Entering its fourth year, DomainX has previously toured through Hyderabad, Bangalore, and New Delhi, and makes a second successive appearance in Delhi this August.

Mother.Domains has attended the past 2 years, and will represent in 2017 as well.

The conference balances information on domain investing and domain law, highlights the immense potential of the emerging and exploding .in Indian domain market, and shares stories and presentations from international speakers who have succeeded through domain names in numerous ways.

Here are snippets from an interview with Gaurav from DomainX:

What is DomainX‘s main objective?
The main objective is dissemination of accurate information about the domain name investing business, educate the community & provide a platform for business networking opportunities
What does DomainX plan to teach at DomainX 2017 in Delhi?
This year, there is an emphasis on intimate chats with successful peers in the domain name industry & ecosystem players. Through these sessions, we anticiapte that the audience will understand more about the processes, systems, skills for effective investing in domain names & also get a true picture of the ups & downs in the business. This year, one of the major focus areas is going to be ‘selling your names’ which involves identifying the right names, identifying & reaching out to prospects and negotiating & relationship building. I encourage readers to scan the agenda of the conference where they would find a reflection of this thought.
Where is the Indian domain market right now compared to when DomainX started, and where do you see IN domains going?
When DomainX started in 2014, I think the investing community in India was predominantly composed of people with a few years of experience under ther belt but today I see frequent entry of newer & younger people determined to build a quality portfolio. On the buyer side, there has definitely been an uptick in end user sales as the business community in India has seen younger, more aggressive businessmen who look at ‘digital’ as a very important part of their business identity & model. .In has seen a lot of enquiries & adoption as well as our internal market (in India) has been growing rapidly and short, one-word names have seen significantly large deals.

Guests and speakers this year include Justin Hutauruk from Uniregistry, Troy Rushton from, Ali Zandi from Starfire Web Holdings, Samiran Gupta from ICANN, Anand Vora from Donuts, Sanjeev Sharma from OpenSRS/Tucows, Jon Yau returns from, Zak Muscovitch from, Rodney D. Ryder from, and several more respected international guest.

Fun elements of this year’s conference include a Domainers vs Bloggers cricket match on the Sunday morning, ahead of the VIP networking day.

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