Domain Investing May 2017

Handyman dot Kitchen

The past month included a massive revelation for Mother.Domains, taking a deeper look into Blockchain.

Blockchain could change the world. It’s changing the world. Our recent discoveries helped inspire our new assets in domain investing May 2017.

We started building a domain page manager. We chose a server management app, after experimenting with two new VPS cloud server management apps: ServerPilot vs Laravel Forge.

This leaner idea of virtual instances helps us present a better hosting service, more app focused. Not as much email hosting.

For budding domain investors, we are about to launch a tool allowing you to run your own auction house, set up custom landing pages or simple sales info for your own domains, with no escrow fees or commissions.

We didn’t register as many new domains in the past month, but we did pick up these excellent new domains:

  • – A rare, 5 letter .com, that has serious branding potential.
  • – There are not many available, but, no doubt, one day there will be a movie about blockchain, and this would be the ideal domain.
  • and – Thinking about ideas for Mother dot currency.
  • – wow. It looks good, feels aged.
  • – When I have an idea, often the registration of the name is like a memorable notebook entry. Lots of reminders, and you periodically question its lasting value. For this idea, Mother dots are coming ’round the mountain.
  • Thinking but 160 million people are looking for the old school style wristwatch
  • – Thinking for VPS-based block storage instances. Could also relate to the blockchain distributed storage network, Storj.
  • – This was our first renewal after acquiring the “fiver dot org” domain on Flippa, but it’s worth a mention for an excellent .org domain name.
  • and – Two rare 4 character .com’s. There are a few variations available, but these seemed to have possible brand reach.
  • – Playing with the same idea as and, perhaps could be the Be Your Own Domain House domain for managing it all..
  • chain.passport and chain.passports – With the idea of block.chain passports for everybody.
  • – The best handyman aces the kitchen. 17.1m search results. Great potential high keyword visibility domain.


Big month of May

The month ahead looks promising. We’re sending out first invites to the Beta. .ART hits the streets next week.

Enjoy your month 🙂