Domain Investing April 2017

Breakfast on a Bridge

This year has seen a great pace of domain investing so far for January domains and February domains. Here is our Domain Investing April 2017 roundup.

March was a little bit quieter, though we managed to register the following valuable domains for our domain name vault:

  • – All these awesome, highly searched keyword breakfast domains were somehow available! So we snapped up five of them.
  • – This could apply to any breakfast cafe in the world.
  • – For most people in Melbourne, coffee is the ONLY breakfast!
  • – Lots of networking happens at breakfast, before the work day.
  • – Surprisingly, breakfast wine is a thing! And many people search for it.
  • – Augmented Reality (AR) is the next big thing, the successor to Virtual Reality (VR), and somebody is going to want this domain for their blog one day.
  • and – I thought of a lovely service where people could extend olive branches to one another, to try to help towards peace in their lives and in the greater world.
  • – A rare available, and hence registered for 2 years. This came from a shorter version of “mend bridges”. Also registered for 1 year.
  • mdotd.netMother.Domains is the M dot D, but the .COM was not available. The rare, however, was.
  • and – Similar to our Lead Cards cloud software concept, domains will simply be able to channel content feeds through them, with no physical web hosting required.
  • – “Life of the Party” has 574m searches on Google. I can see the “dot” replacing stop words like “the” in brand and showcase sentences.

We also renewed my longtime domain, – soon to be 18 years old. This was my first professional domain, bought for me by my mother in March 2000, while my dad bought me an IBM PC. This helped pull me out of a big rut in my life, and kicked off my longtime web design and development career – resulting in my position today as the head of Mother.Domains.

Domains are fun! Each available domain coaxes imagination and ideas for wonderful projects, and I register the best ones to keep the idea alive. When the renewal comes up, I reassess them, and see if I’m able to further progress the original concept.

Until next time… keep on brainstorming.